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Researching the History of a Home

HomeAdvisor.com has provided a list of resources and information regarding researching the history of a home. This list can be found at:


From: Forum Journal, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Winter 2002

The following suggestions were collected from our preservation partners nationwide (with special thanks to the folks at the Preservation trust of Vermont). Share this list with your friends, neighbors, and family members. If you have other suggestions, please send an e-mail to getinvolved@nationaltrust.org.

10 easy ways to support historic preservation:

Feeling ambitious? Take these 10 additional steps.

1. Show your kids the place where you went to school or where you got married.

1. Buy a historic house and rehabilitate it.

2. Shop in a historic commercial district. Be sure to look up so you can admire the detail of the buildings' upper floors.

2. Reuse an old building in downtown for your business or organization.

3. Visit a place where history was made or a museum dedicated to history.

3. Keep the post office in your town center. For more information, read "Developing Better Community Post Offices" on the Preservation trust of Vermont website (at www.ptvermont.org/publications/pobook.pdf).

4. Eat at a restaurant in a historic building. If you like the atmosphere, tell the owner or host.

4. Say no to sprawl development that would undermine the vitality of your community. (Learn more about this issue at www.nationaltrust.org
09/22/15 hchs - This old link may have been replaced with
www.preservationnation.org article

5. Attend a live performance or movie at a historic theater.

5. Let your town or county board know that old buildings are important to your community. Encourage them to keep municipal ofices in your downtown or village centers.

6. Walk around a historic residential neighborhood.

6. Tell your representative and senators to support the Historic Homeownership Assistance Act, which would give tax credits to people who buy and rehabilitate older homes. (Find out more from Preservation Action at www.preservationaction.org).

7. Join an organization - even better, more than one - dedicated to historic preservation. Become a member of the National trust (www.preservationnation.org), or find out about groups in your area. (Locate some at www.nthp.org/help/statewide_org.asp - They can direct you to others.) - old link.
09/22/2015 HCHS - This may have been replaced with www.preservationnation.org/forum/Partners-Contact-List-November-2013.pdf.

7. Encourage your friends and neighbors to learn about historic preservation.

8. Stay in a historic hotel - the 185 members of Historic Hotels of America are listed at www.historichotels.org/hotels-resorts/results.php - or at a historic b&b.

8. Convince your school board to keep using your historic schools. (Go to www.nationaltrust.org/issues/schools/index.html to see how other communities have done it.
09/22/15 HCHS - this is an old link. It may have been replaced with blog.preservationnation.org/2013/06/25/10-on-tuesday-how-to-save-your-historic-neighborhood-school/#.VgIU-ctViko")

9. Attend services in a historic church.

9. Encourage an ethic of stewardship and high quality rehabilitation work in your community. No vinyl siding!

10. Take a tour of historic houses in your community.

10. Volunteer with organizations where preservation makes a difference: the planning commission, development review board, library board, downtown organization, or regional planning commission.

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