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1679 Henrico County Tithe List

Frankie Liles, an HCHS member, transcribed the pdf available at the link below.

Henrico County suffered a massive loss of its 1600's records. This is a very important early Henrico County record because it is the only known extant tithe list for Henrico County and is one of the earliest Henrico County records that survived. This list, used in conjunction with the early Henrico County land grants (which do survive) can be used to reconstruct the neighborhoods of the residents who appear on the downloadable tithe list.

Please see further tithe information in Tithe_List_1679-1.pdf available for download.


Notable Henricoans

The Henrico Library maintains the Notable Henricoans Database available at https://henricolibrary.org/nhdb-list. This page notes:

  • "This database has been developed in conjunction with the 400th anniversary of the founding of the County of Henrico."
  • "You can search the many database articles, search by name, or search everything in the database."
  • "Do you know of someone who is a notable Henricoan? You can use this form to nominate someone to be considered for inclusion in the database. Please review the Criteria for Inclusion before making your nomination."


1950s Census

On 1 April 2022 the U.S. Census (Population Schedule) was released by the National Archives and Records Administration after 72 years. This is the first census that enumerated Baby Boomers. If you are of a certain age, you can see yourself on a census for the very first time and browse your childhood neighborhood for old friends!

Go to https://1950census.archives.gov/. You may choose "Begin Search" or "Resources". You also may scroll down the page or choose from the menu for other options.

If you choose "Begin Search", you will be taken to a page to complete (or partially complete) with information on the household you want to see. Enter the Location (state and city/county) and the Name (either last name or first and last name). Then select the Search icon. (If you only enter a surname, you will obtain hits of names that are similar to the ones you want.) Scroll down and look for the name you selected. Select "Population Schedules" for the name/household you want to read.

Click on the image to enlarge it and to browse around it or adjoining pages. Click on the three vertical dots on the top right of the image to download it. Be sure to note the Location, Enumeration District (ED) and Sheet Number for your reference or citation.

See especially Resources > Questions Asked on the 1950 Census.

Not every family or person was asked some of the interesting questions.

Also see https://www.archives.gov/research/census/1950.

Researcher's Note: I have been experimenting with this for several weeks, and the Search features keep changing. Also, for example, as of this writing, the list of Counties and Cities in Virginia had "Richmond". It turned out to be Richmond City, but there is also Richmond County. The specific search feature may be somewhat different when you are searching, but it's not difficult to figure out.

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